Dedicated to fostering creative partnerships that use art to benefit community


Hands' On Workshops (HOW)

Participants in either program will learn to…

• Respect others – including adapting to and
respecting other ways of thinking and doing.

 Problem-solve, in a creative fashion,
often with tight deadlines and/or budgetary restraints.

• Make decisions in situations where there are no standard answers.
 Analyze nonverbal communication
(such as road signs, maps, and facial gestures)

 Appreciate the human-made and the natural world,
leading to a more holistic, healthier lifestyle.

• Make informed judgments about cultural products and issues.
 Communicate their thoughts and feelings - art making facilitates healthy self-expression.

Participants in either HOW will also discuss the following key skills related to a career in the arts:

 1. How to write an art-focused resume or CV
 2. How to apply for jobs in the arts
 3. How to apply for higher education or training opportunities in
    the arts
 4. How to apply for an internship in the arts
 5. How to apply for an apprenticeship in the arts
 6. What an Artist’s Residency is
 7. How to apply for Artist’s Residency programs
 8. How to marketing yourself as an artist
 9. How to market your art
10. What content is recommended on an artist’s website
11. Resources for creating your own artist’s website
12. What is an Artist’s Statement?
13. How to write an Artist’s Statement
15. Developing and organizing a portfolio
16. What is a commissioned artwork?
17. How to create art on commission
18. What is a Call-for-Art?
How to respond to a Call-for-Art
What an appraisal is, and why people appraise their art
21. How to label art for submission
22. Understanding what the term “public art” means; and
23. Negotiating and consigning with a gallery to sell art
24. Tips on how to price art


• Improved math ability

• Improved reading comprehension

• Improved language skills

• Increased interest in social studies

• Improved spatial-reasoning

• Higher high school graduation rates



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